A ceremony of signing Agreement has been organized the 31st of January at Le Planteur Fine Dining Restaurant between Central Base Production and CANAL+ Myanmar with the target to formalize a new partnership between the 2 company for the exclusive broadcasting of “Now and Ever” movies on CANAL+ platform 

“This is the third time that we cooperate with Central Base Production to propose their movie in exclusivity in CANAL+.  We cannot express how we are proud to present “Now and Ever” movie to our subscribers. CANAL+ is committed to show the best movies on CANAL to Myanmar people so that they can spend their time warmly and happily with their families. This is obvious that “Now and Ever” is the kind of movie that we love and that we want to support by giving chance to be seen by the most people” said Mr. Erwan Luherne, CEO of CANAL+ Myanmar.

“We are very happy to show “Now and Ever” film on CANAL+ through long cooperation. It is a good opportunity for those who haven’t watched it in cinema as they can watch it on CANAL+ again. So far, we have signed with CANAL+ for three films in total _ Deception, Mudra Calling and Now and Ever,” said Director of Central Base Production Christina Kyi.

CANAL+ is dedicated to proposing the best Myanmar quality movies to meet the Myanmar people’s needs and passion in Cinema. Therefore, CANAL+ will propose in exclusivity more than 25 best Myanmar movies in 2020.

Moreover, CANAL+ is investing a lot of energy to produce its own contents in Myanmar (TV Series, music shows, various contents in all thematic). Through these projects, CANAL+ try to support the audiovisual creation in Myanmar and to give new opportunities to artists to express their talents. CANAL+ wants to be a strong partner of movie artist as Christina and Zenn Kyi. 

CANAL+ is proposing international movies series and other programs, in addition to good local films, to give various aesthetics to Myanmar audiences, and also trying to show new programs so that people can spend their time warmly and happily with their families.

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