The roving cinema will bring the entertainment out of the four walls of a theater and turn it into an exciting and accessible experience for youths. The Myanmar comedy Luu Lel Gyi Myar Ywar will be screened while elevating the fun Myanmar teens usually have with snacks and all the Max+ range of flavors. Fun activities will be organized along the movie, such as spinning the wheel to get a free snack to pair with the refreshing flavors of Max+. Starting at Kyauk Se township, Mandalay, Max+ Fun Day Datshin will visit different Mandalay townships, including Sint Kai, Madaya, Pathein Gyi, Myit Thar, Tada-u and Amarapura.

By bringing an empty bottle or can of any of the Max+ flavors (orange, green lime, lychee, cream soda, and grape) to be recycled at the participating villages, consumers will get to enjoy an outdoor movie screening of a local blockbuster film starring their favorite actors and actresses whilst enjoying Max+ paired with snacks. For the opening ceremony of Max+ Fun Day Datshin in Madaya township on the November 6th, actress and model Khin Wint Wah participated as a special Max+ guest.

Max+ is definitely one of my companions during my leisure time, especially during breaks whilst shooting movies. To quench my thirst and boredom, I often pair my favorite Max+ flavor, orange, with snacks. On my off days, I stay home to watch movies, and a pack of sunflower seeds or potato chips paired with Max+ makes the whole duration way more fun and enjoyable. If you are like me, I encourage everyone to try out my favorite soft drink and snack combo, especially when you are hanging out with your friends. The vibrant flavors of Max+ is fantastic to be paired with any snack you can think of.”, says Khin Wint Wah.

“Max+ Fun Day Datshin has been accessible to teens in Yangon and Mandalay since October 2018. We believed it was time to make this fun experience accessible to our wider teen base in upper Myanmar. In Myanmar, there’s a very common pattern of snacking in between meals, and we believe Max+ has a full range of flavor portfolio that pairs well with both local and international snacks. We also see ourselves responsible to educate consumers on recycling, hence the implementation of our Tan Bo Shi Tal initiative in this campaign in hopes of advocating against littering and adopting recycling habits.” explains Richa Singh, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Limited.

Tan Bo Shi Tal is a nationwide recycling awareness campaign by Coca-Cola Limited that highlights the value of recycling plastic bottles and cans. Working with the aim of preventing littering, promoting segregation and the sense of community and togetherness by keeping Myanmar clean, Tan Bo Shi Tal is in alignment with The Coca-Cola Company’s global World Without Waste initiative, with the goal to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can that The Coca-Cola Company sells globally by 2030. In Mandalay, The Coca-Cola Foundation sponsors Building Markets, a non-profit organization working closely with more than 100 businesses and entrepreneurs in the recycling value chain to connect them to growth opportunities and build their capacity.

Max+ and Coca-Cola Limited pride themselves on becoming part of Myanmar teenagers’ everyday lives by bringing them the drinks they love and enjoy, and by being sustainable and responsible industry leaders working to contribute to the community they are serving.

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